Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage Bus - C1910 - New York

Vintage Bus, circa 1910-1915
New York - Vintage Bus - C 1910-1915
Here is a old vintage bus at the beginning of the 20th Century. This bus's route took passengers from 5th Ave to Central Park in New York, USA. The date was around 1910 to 1915. Things of note are the very high driving position, that air horn, solid rubber tyres and the cost, only ten cents. Not sure if is driven by steam or petrol, does anyone know ?
Published by the American Library of Congress in the Public Domain.


Steve said...

This is a 1912 De Dion-Bouton (French) omnibus with coachwork (the body) made locally (United States). As built it was a 23-seat single-decker with a Paris-style open rear platform. This picture had to have been taken in 1912-13, because int 1914 this very same bus (No. 201) was converted to a double-decker.

For another view of the same buses in the same photo-shoot, see - note the same woman passenger in the same seat on No. 201.

To see what the omnibus would have looked like after conversion to a double-decker, see,_New_York_City.png for an example of a two other buses in the same series.

John B said...

Thanks Steve, your contribution is very much appreciated :-)